November 30, 2022
Four Leadership Styles in Business
Having the right leader is crucial to a company's success. But figuring out just who that is depends on what the business looks like at the time. Robert Jordan and Olivia Wagner have spent years finding leaders to helm companies at critical junctures as co-founders of interim executive search firm InterimExecs. In …
Business Insider
Build Courage and Competence for Difficult Conversations
Some people think I'm courageous. I've lived and worked all over the world and regularly speak in front of hundreds of people, so I must be, right …
Why You Need to Update Your Customer Experience Strategy
We live in a time when customers are always willing to pay for something that provides a great experience. We're not the only ones saying this …
Jump Start
How Transferable Skills Can Make a Difference in Your Career
What makes a nurse different from a white-collar worker? Sure, they perform different job functions. The former is in the healthcare industry while the …
People Matters
How to Disagree Without Making Someone Defensive
Asking someone why they are getting so defensive during a disagreement rarely helps the situation. In fact, it often makes things worse. It's …
Fast Company
How to Eliminate Scheduling Inefficiencies in Your Business
What do salons, consultancies, and home service providers all have in common? This question may seem like the prime setup for a joke, but there's …
Stay Ahead in 2023: Top Three Business Trends to Follow
It is no secret that inflation has taken a toll on businesses everywhere. But as inflation 2023 threatens to slow economic growth, analysts have …
Industry Leaders
Countries Producing the Most Millionaires (and Why)
According to a recent report by investment banking company Credit Suisse, global wealth per adult increased by 8.4% to US$87,489 in 2021. As expected …
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"Papa Bear's investments were too risky. Momma Bear's investments were too safe. But Baby Bear's investments were juuuuuuuust right!"
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Chunnel Makes Breakthrough
What Year
Workers drill an opening the size of a car through a wall of rock connecting the two ends of an underwater tunnel linking Great Britain with the European mainland.
The day was Dec 1. What year was it?
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"The value of an idea lies in the using of it."
Thomas Edison
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What western hero was featured in comic book advertisements for Daisy air rifles?
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