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Feb 19, 2020
Buying a House: What to Check Before Making an Offer
Buying a house naturally comes with risk, and hiring a qualified home inspector is the best way to lower your chances of buying a money pit. Regardless, these simple tips can help first-time homebuyers even before they …
Today's Homeowner
5 Resources That’ll Help You Scrape Together a Down Payment Faster
Millennials lament that our high school curriculum required impossible calculus courses or obscure history classes, but never “Taxes …
Apartment Therapy
Universal Design: Home Design Ideas for Aging in Place
Over the years, homeowners, architects, and builders have put more thought into how to design and build houses that will remain comfortable …
Fine Homebuilding
How to Control the Cost of Your Bathroom Remodel
You don't have to fritter away a fortune on a new bathroom. Our experts — Raj Ghaly of BathroomsByDesign, Justin Wedgbury of Flush …
A Fix for Paint Peeling
"We've been house hunting and just toured a 1920s Dutch Colonial with low eaves. Although it has recently been painted, there's an area …
Old House
How to Cover a Popcorn Ceiling with Planks
Textured, or popcorn, ceilings predate the 1970s and — like lots of things from that era — are out of style for homeowners and home …
Today's Home Owner
Simple Soundproofing Solutions for Your Bedroom
Life just outside your bedroom can be noisy. Whether it's your dog barking at the trees rustling outside or your teens insisting …
Bob Vila
4 Reasons to Invest in Your Home’s Landscape Design
Interior design certainly gets a lot of attention when it comes to creating luxurious living spaces. Equally important, however, is …
RIS Media
Designers Reveal the Home Decor Items Worth Splurging On
Any savvy shopper knows that your space doesn't have to be filled with expensive items to look expensive. However, there are some …
Apartment Therapy
Your Guide to Perfect Bathroom Vanity Lighting
The stars of stage and screen spend a good deal of time at their dressing room vanities making sure they're ready for the literal …
Solved! What to Do About Frost in Your Freezer
You may be able to troubleshoot the issue and be frost-free. When moisture makes contact with the freezer's evaporator coils, located …
Bob Vila
"I'm moving out. I've got enough pennies in my piggy bank to buy a house in foreclosure!"
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What style of carpeting is designed for high-traffic areas of your home?
See the answer below.
This Designer Trick Will Make Your Window Treatments Look Way More Expensive than They Are
We've written it before, and we'll write it again: Window treatments make a room sing. They're the mascara …
Apartment Therapy
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What style of carpeting is designed for high-traffic areas of your home?
Answer: Frieze
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