May 12, 2021
Questions Everyone Approaching Retirement Must Answer
Retirement provides a chance to enjoy the fruits of one’s labor. However, pleasurable retirement requires proactive and thorough planning. With this in mind, we’re going to go through six questions everyone should …
What's Your Strategy for Maximizing Your Social Security Benefits?
Deciding when to take social security is a bit like playing chess. You'll need to strategize and think a few moves ahead to maximize …
Factors That Affect A Lender’s Decision On Your Loan
When you're applying for a mortgage, auto loan, personal loan, or any other loan, you want to get the best outcome. However, your loan …
Finance Monthly
At least 7 million people are likely to get unemployment tax refunds
At least 7 million people likely qualify for tax refunds on unemployment benefits received last year, a new report suggests. The …
How to Make Money as a Single Mom
Being a single mom is hard. Not only do you have to parent, but your family's finances and well-being fall solely upon your shoulders …
Investor Junkie
Build savings or pay off debt first?
I'm glad you recognize what an achievement it was to get through 2020 relatively unscathed. It's rather easy to think about what your …
USA Today
Easy Ways to Improve Your Credit Score Right Now
Whether you're looking ahead to a brighter future or still feeling a financial blow from the pandemic, it's a good time to take a look …
Should I Take My Investment Gains Off The Table?
A friend called me the other day to ask a question that I know many share and that many financial advisors are hearing, especially …
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Lewis and Clark Expedition
What Year
Lewis and Clark expedition leaves St. Louis on a mission to explore the Northwest from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean.
The day was May 14. What year was it?
Quote of the Week
"I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it."
Thomas Jefferson
Why do some coins have reeded edges?
See the answer below.
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Why do some coins have reeded edges?
Answer: To deter counterfeiting
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