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Steve Davis
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Sep 18, 2019
Should you spend, or save, as if you’ll live forever?
Parents spending days chasing young children around will complain that they feel far older than their years. But their parents — if they have their health and a bit of wealth — are just as likely to say how young and vital …
SF Gate
What is WRONG with Your Financial Planning 'Picture'?
For a revealing reality check, take your finances and turn them into a one-page visual representation. This exercise could bring …
How Finance Has Changed With The Times
Banking is one of the oldest businesses in the world, going back centuries ago, in fact, the oldest bank in operation today is the Monte …
Finance Monthly
Defuse the Ticking Tax time Bomb
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Share of uninsured Americans rises for 1st time in a decade
The proportion of Americans without health insurance edged up in 2018 — the first evidence from the government that coverage gains under …
ABC News
Recession or slowdown? Why you should care about the difference
The United States is on recession watch as market signals flash red. Manufacturing is straining under President Trump's trade …
These are the top 5 most affordable college towns: Report
Kaltbaum Capital Management President Gary Kaltbaum, columnist Liz Peek, FOX Business' Kristina Partsinevelos and Kadina …
Fox Business
5 money issues that can ruin your relationship
Building a relationship and sharing a life isn't just about romantic gestures. When you're in a committed relationship, you are also …
USA Today
Half of student loan borrowers worry they’ll be in debt forever, study finds
A recent survey by Fidelity found 40% of graduates would now make different decisions about their education if they could. Half of …
Can You Pay to Remove a Bad Credit Report?
A bad credit score can work against you in more ways than one. When you have poor credit, getting approved for new loans or lines …
10 Worst Things to Keep in Your Wallet
One of the worst feelings is reaching for your wallet and finding it's not there. Panic ensues: Did you leave it at home? Drop …
3 ways you can lose your Social Security benefits
There may be 50 ways to lose your lover – and when it comes to Social Security, there are quite a few ways to lose your benefits …
USA Today
"I give myself six hour lunches and give myself a raise whenever I need more money. Those are my stress management techniques."
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The financial ratio which divides a company's 'liquid assets' by 'current liabilities' is known by what popular term?
See the answer below.
The Side Effects of Bad Credit
Bad credit can have many negative repercussions. If you're in the habit of paying your bills after the due date, late fees …
What Year Was It?
Gandhi Begins Fast in Protest of Caste Separation
What Year
In his cell at Yerovda Jail near Bombay, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi begins a hunger strike in protest of the British government's decision to separate India's electoral system by caste.
The day was Sep 16. What year was it?
Quote of the Week
"Too many people spend money they haven't earned, to buy things they don't want, to impress people that they don't like."
Will Rogers
Trivia Answer
The financial ratio which divides a company's 'liquid assets' by 'current liabilities' is known by what popular term?
Answer: Acid Test (or 'Quick Ratio')
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