The staff at Carothers Parkway Vet Clinic wishes all of our furry friends and their owners a very Happy Holiday!!
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Dec 19, 2018
Cold Weather Pet Safety
You're probably already aware of the risks posed by warm weather and leaving pets in hot cars, but did you know that cold weather also poses serious threats to your pets' health? Here are some tips to keep your pets safe during ...
The Highly Toxic Pet Threat You Most Likely Ignore
The number of fat cats in the U.S. continues to increase each year. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP) ...
Healthy Pets
This Cat Went For A Drive After Chilling In His Owner’s Car’s Engine
The fire brigade pulled Max the cat out from inside the engine's air filter, and now he's sauntering around like nothing even happened ...
Buzz Feed
Blindness In Dogs: Causes, Treatments And Preventions
It can be a worrying and confusing time for dog owners when they begin to notice that their companion's sight isn't what it used to be. Although ...
Dogs Naturally
The science behind how catnip seduces cats
Not all cats love catnip — about a third of felines won't react to the herbal plant. My cat does, so like any good cat guardian, I planted ...
Mother Nature Network
Is My Dog Bored? Your Dog’s Mental Health is Vital
Nick tells us that dogs, like children, can exhibit different behaviours if they're bored. "A bored child might become irritable, or they ...
K9 Magazine
52 Ways to Make Your Dog’s Tail Wag with Joy!
It's a fact: happy dogs live longer, healthier lives. As a responsible dog mom or dad, you're already feeding the right food, providing ...
The Dogington Post
Tips for Pet-Proofing Your Christmas Tree
A Christmas tree is the centerpiece of holiday decorations in many homes, and you may wait in anticipation of the day it's finally fully ...
Healthy Pets
The Benefits That Pets Have Towards Your Lifestyle
As well as being a great companion, pets can also improve your lifestyle in so many ways and award-winning stair lifts provider Acorn Stairlifts ...
Pet News And Views
Which Dog Breeds Are Good With Babies?
Young couples often start out with pets before bringing tiny hoomans into the world. While many pups transition easily into life with babies ...
Bark Post
How Fashionable Is Your Dog This Season?
Whether you love or hate Christmas sweaters, you are bound to see a lot of them this season on people and dogs alike. There are ugly ones ...
The Bark
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Common digestive problems in dogs
Chances are, your dog will have a few digestive problems in his lifetime. Understand what the most common issues are, and what do to ...
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Two articles of impeach­ment are approved by the US House of Representatives against President Bill Clinton, charging him with lying under oath to a federal grand jury and obstructing justice.
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"If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and man."
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