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Dec 12, 2018
Does your cat have hairballs?
You may think hairballs just come with the territory when you have a kitty. It’s true that most cats will throw up the occasional hairball, but if it happens a lot, it may mean an underlying health issue. If you have a cat ...
Animal Wellness Magazine
Deck the halls with pets' safety in mind
Holly, mistletoe, poinsettias and lilies should be kept away from animals; dogs and cats see tinsel, ornaments and light strands as attractive ...
Smart Brief
Things You Should Consider After Puppy Vaccinations
Your dog received all his puppy vaccinations, but what's next? The topic of revaccinating pets has sparked debate and we go over what you ...
The Average Dog’s Daily Schedule Will Astonish You
Our dogs are a massive part of our lives and we love them unconditionally, but how much work does a dog get through on a daily basis? And when ...
K9 Magazine
Contrary to Popular Opinion, Cats Benefit from Regular Grooming
Cats have a universal reputation for being great self-groomers. But it's also becoming widely acknowledged that a little grooming help ...
Pet Age
2019 human food trends and how they play out in pet food
We've entered the trend-watching season, and right on cue, lists of human food trends for 2019 are popping up. Not all have implications ...
Things to Remember Before Walking Your Dog this Winter
Whether your dog absolutely loves the winter weather and can't wait to get outside, or he prefers to snuggle up inside where it's warm ...
The Dogington Post
Teaching Dogs To Come When Called
Countless people have dogs who reliably come in response to a signal: the whir of a can opener, the sound of a treat drawer or jar being ...
The Bark