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Activate Your Account - Prices Start At $39.00/Month

Activate Your Account - $9.00

  • Learn what happens after you activate your account.

  • 1. We send you a user name and password to login to our online system. We schedule a time to review how it works.

  • 2. We walk you through the process for how to create appealing ads and messages that will drive action.

  • 3. We show you how to upload your initial email list, how to add more email addresses, and how to grow your list.

  • 4. Your newsletter is always sent on Wednesdays, but you can select once per month, twice per month or weekly.

  • 5. We set up optional automated posts to your business Facebook page using articles from your newsletter.

  • 6. We're available any time via email, and we're happy to chat by phone when you need help or assistance.

Once you activate your account, we'll work with you to create engaging ads and messages to include in your email newsletter. The one-time activation fee is $9.00.

We'll also provide instructions on how to create an optional feed to update your business Facebook page with content pulled directly from your newsletter.

Your contacts will look forward to every issue of your email newsletter and will remember you when they need your help, and when they're asked for a referral.

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