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Dec 12, 2018
Your Guide to 2018 Federal Income Taxes
Filing your federal income tax return can be a stressful and complicated task. Even if you hire a professional tax preparer, you still need to make sure you have all of your ducks in a row. So we’ve put together this handy guide ...
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IRS Audit Red Flags for Retirees
In 2017, the Internal Revenue Service audited only 0.60% of all individual tax returns, and the vast majority of these exams were conducted ...
7 year-end tax tips to boost your refund
The new tax law has put a whole new spin on year-end tax planning, though it hasn't eliminated the need to do it altogether. "The ...
Year-end tax and financial to-do list for individuals
2019 will be here soon. Have you taken care of everything you need to do by Dec. 31 to minimize your 2018 taxes, make the most of tax-advantaged savings opportunities and avoid unnecessary penalties?
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No tax appointment necessary.
For your convenience, you can simply drop off your tax paperwork at our office in early 2019 or mail it to us. We will call you when your tax return is completed. You can stop by to pick it up or we can mail it to you. It's that easy!
Timpe CPAs, LLC
Invest in your company or retirement? Tips for doing both
Small business owners may want to save for retirement but are anxious about diverting money away from their companies. But many owners have ...
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6 Smart Ways Taxpayers Can Save Money on Their Tax Bills
Tax laws have traditionally been complicated for taxpayers to understand. The recently passed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) has added another ...
How And Why Do Companies Pay Dividends?
Look anywhere on the web, and you're bound to find information on how dividends affect stockholders. The information ranges from a ...
Looking to Double Your Salary? Try an M.B.A.
Fully 75% of those who earn an M.B.A. switch careers, a new survey shows, and they can double their salary by doing so. But the survey ...
The Wall Street Journal
5 Tips for Protecting Your Finances as You Grow Older
Up to 6.6% of Americans aged 65 or older have lost money to exploitation, fraud, and theft, according to the Securities and Exchange Commission ...
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