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Aug 21, 2019
How Much Mortgage Can You Afford?
In 2019, prospective homebuyers may be daunted by a rise in interest rates and a higher price tag on homes. According to Zillow's predictions for the housing market. Unless you can afford an all-cash transaction, instead of asking …
Want to Buy a Home One Day? Real Answers for All Your Biggest Questions
Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or you’ve just been out of the game for a while, there’s a good chance that you have a few …
Apartment Therapy
Front Courtyard Curb Appeal
This Phoenix designer is fostering community in a historic neighborhood by adding front courtyards to his homes. If your home …
Cottages And Bungalows
6 Bedroom Design Trends That’ll Take Over the Rest of 2019
Your bedroom is, more often than not, your happy place. It's your slice of solace from your busy schedule and overwhelming to do list …
Apartment Therapy
Dos and Don’ts of Starting a Home Remodel
Whether you're remodeling your bathroom, kitchen or whole house, proper planning is essential to project success. HomeAdvisor offers …
RIS Media
The Best Exterior Paint Colors for Farmhouses
If you're on the hunt for the right exterior paint color for your farmhouse, you've probably noticed that simply choosing any old paint …
Southern Living
Porthole Windows: They’re Not Just for Ships and Boats
Porthole windows are standard on ships and boats. However, they're now showing up in residential homes. Just as garage doors …
Fresh Home
12 Ways to Make Any Bathroom Look Bigger
Most of us dream of having a vast, spacious bathroom with a separate tub and shower, two sinks and maybe even a decadent chaise …
How to Build and Install a Window Box
A window box can enhance your home's curb appeal and soften the window's appearance. Begin by measuring the width of the window to determine …
Today's Home Owner
Replace Dated Popcorn Ceilings with This New Texture
They are cheap and easy to install, and they camouflage a host of flaws, but popcorn ceilings are also dated and tend to look dirty …
Bob Vila
This Is How Much It Costs to Move Out of Your Parent’s House
If you're like me, you severely underestimated the cost of moving into your first apartment. I had the deposit and first month's rent …
Apartment Therapy
"Hello, is this Shady Acres Retirement Home? My mom turned 40 today!"
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What is generally considered room temperature, 68, 70 or 72 degrees F?
See the answer below.
The Pros and Cons of Purchasing a New Build
We all love "shiny and new" — and newly-built single-family homes are downright irresistible. And when the existing home inventory is …
Fresh Home
What Year Was It?
Fannie Farmer Opens Cooking School
What Year
Pioneering cookbook author Fannie Farmer, who changed the way Americans prepare food by advocating the use of standardized measurements in recipes, opens Miss Farmer's School of Cookery in Boston.
The day was Aug 23. What year was it?
Quote of the Week
"Charity begins at home, but should not end there."
Thomas Fuller
Trivia Answer
What is generally considered room temperature, 68, 70 or 72 degrees F?
Answer: 68 Degrees F. (20 degrees C)
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