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Oct 9, 2019
When You Should Work Out For a Full Night of Sleep
Sleep and exercise go hand-in-hand. A good night of sleep can help you crush your workout the next day, and that good workout can, in turn, help you drift off and sleep better the next night. Sounds pretty ideal. But it can …
The Keys to Upper Body Strength Training for Women
In the age of becoming more and more gender-neutral, I still respect biology. And biology has shown me in a decade of coaching fitness …
Breaking Muscle
How to Lose Fat While Keeping Your Gains
You're coming off a muscle-building phase, or "bulking phase," as many may refer to it. You've worked hard to put on mass. You've …
Circuits will help you with your goals!
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Bring a friend and you both WIN
Share our award winning workouts with a friend and you BOTH win! You and your friend get to have a super workout together and you each get $50 off your first month!
Weight distribution is the key to workout longevity—here’s how to test yours right now
When I walk through the doors of my neighborhood gym, I'm usually too focused on my impending workout to care much about what's going …
Well And Good
Fitness tips: three HIIT exercises for beginners
Plank Great for core stability and building overall strength. Get into a press-up position, with your back as flat as possible and …
The Guardian
Start Building Muscle and Get Stronger With This 4-Week Strength Training Plan
Whether your goal is to work out consistently twice a week, do 20 push-ups before the new year, or build muscle, strength training …
What to know about blood pressure rates after exercising
High blood pressure, or hypertension, is very common, affecting around 25% of the world's population. Research shows that exercise …
Medical News Today
5 Single Arm Strength Exercises To Improve Imbalance
Left-right muscle imbalances are incredibly common, not just with your legs, but also in the upper body, and an easy way to iron out …
Breaking Muscle
How You Can Exercise Your Mind by Breaking a Sweat
To be a brainiac, get sweating. A study from Oregon Health & Science University revealed that even short bouts of exercise improve our …
Men's Journal
Sick of planks? Sharpen your workout with ‘body saws’
I'm part of the very tiny percentage of people who actually enjoy planks. It's not like I want to marry them or anything, but compared …
Well And Good
If You're Trying to Build Muscle and Not Seeing Results, Follow This Advice
Whether you've just started lifting weights a month ago or you've been going hard in the gym for years, you've probably heard that in …
"If swimming is good for developing shoulders, arms and legs, why haven't we developed any shoulders, arms and legs?"
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What portable exercise machine, invented in the 1960s by Gert F. Kolbel, was designed for strength training?
See the answer below.
6 Unilateral Exercises
Weight machines, tread­mills, ellipticals, and other health-club equipment can deliver a well-balanced workout. In daily …
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What Year Was It?
Jimmy Carter Wins Nobel Prize
What Year
Former President Jimmy Carter wins the Nobel Peace Prize "for his decades of untiring effort to find peaceful solutions to international conflicts, to advance democracy and human rights, and to promote economic and social development."
The day was Oct 11. What year was it?
Quote of the Week
"If only opening a Vitamin Water could be classified as working out."
Jim Gaffigan
Trivia Answer
What portable exercise machine, invented in the 1960s by Gert F. Kolbel, was designed for strength training?
Answer: Bullworker
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