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May 27, 2020
Ideas for Decorating Your Summer Porch
Embracing easy summer living can be as simple as spending time each day on your front porch. There is something utterly relaxing about hanging out on the porch, whether it’s to sip morning coffee or unwind at the end of …
Smart Tips for Decorating Your Small Space
Yes, small spaces can present some decorating challenges (especially when you love stuff!), but a tiny footprint doesn’t mean you have …
Apartment Therapy
9 Things About Your Home That You’ll Probably Hate in a Decade
Home renovation and decorating are exciting projects, and there's so much to choose from when you're in the moment of planning one. Trouble …
Bob Vila
Sump Pump Repair: Cost, Maintenance, and Spring Checklist
The best way to avoid a costly sump pump repair is by taking preventative measures to reduce the odds of it happening. Since sump pumps …
Handyman Connection
The 10 Tools You Need for Basic Home Repair
Now that you're spending nearly all your time at home, you may be noticing little things around the place that require your attention …
The New York Times
Things You Should Not Flush Down the Toilet
When you flush the toilet, waste goes to a sewer or septic tank. Large objects are filtered out before water is treated. Items that …
RIS Media
Easy Ways to Clean Your Home’s Exterior
Cleaning your home's exterior may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be when you work smarter, not harder, using these …
Today's Homeowner
This Easy Bed Placement Trick Will Max Out Your Bedroom’s Square Footage Instantly
Having a bigger bedroom is near the top of a lot of peoples' home wish lists. Who wouldn't love a few extra square feet for a reading  …
Apartment Therapy
How to Design a Kitchen That’s Easy to Clean
The kitchen tends to be the room in our home that needs the most cleaning. The good news is that, with a little planning, you can have …
Creating Faux Brick on Home Exterior
How do you transform a dull, brown stucco home exterior into a neighborhood showpiece? If you're Greg Garrett, you hand-stencil a faux …
Extreme How-To
15 Ideas for Living with White Walls
There's a reason why just about every rental has walls painted some version of white: It looks clean and fresh, it works with every …
Bob Vila
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How to Organize Your Pantry
A well-organized pantry can make it easy for you and your family to find what you want and can help avoid wasting food …
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