Aug 4, 2021
Solve Your Biggest Decorating Issues
Whether you’re decorating a narrow living room, bedroom, or dining area, it can be challenging to determine a furniture layout that best highlights your space without making it feel even more cramped than it already is. You may …
Apartment Therapy
20 Creative Wall Decor Ideas to Bring Style to Your Bedroom
Your bedroom should be designed with comfort and relaxation in mind, but that doesn't mean you have to skimp on style. Regardless of whether …
Good Housekeeping
Roof Framing 101 – How To Build A Roof Frame
Roof framing is one of those carpenter skills that appears quite complicated, and indeed, some roof designs are difficult. Roofs are …
Extreme How-To
Get Started On Your Landscape Design
Designing an outdoor space can be both inspiring and daunting, both an art and incredibly pragmatic and practical. This article …
Fine Homebuilding
Smart Lighting Will Totally Change The Way You Live
Depending on how old you are, you might remember a time when the lights in your home did exactly two things: turned on and turned …
Good Housekeeping
How to rub out a varnish to a mirror shine
Rubbing out allows you to adjust the sheen of the finish while removing imperfections like dust nibs, runs, sags, or bumps. While …
Fine Wood Working
These Are the Biggest “It” Colors of the Past 50 Years
Paint trends might come and go faster than it takes your walls to dry, but an "it" color always has a permanent place in history …
Apartment Therapy
5 Things You Need to Know Before Building Stairs
Building a staircase requires careful planning, exact calculations and a keen eye for home design. But before you start on any of …
Family Handyman
"Once in a while, a pumpkin may suddenly change into a carriage, or a mouse may turn into a horse. Other than that, it's a charming little country cottage!"
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Anne Frank Captured
What Year
Acting on tip from a Dutch informer, the Nazi Gestapo captures 15-year-old Jewish diarist Anne Frank and her family in a sealed-off area of an Amsterdam warehouse.
The day was Aug 4. What year was it?
Quote of the Week
"Home is any four walls that enclose the right person."
Helen Rowland
What product that makes unpacking fun was invented by sealing two shower curtains together by two engineers who intended it as wallpaper?
See the answer below.
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Trivia Answer
What product that makes unpacking fun was invented by sealing two shower curtains together by two engineers who intended it as wallpaper?
Answer: Bubble Wrap
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