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Feb 19, 2020
Why You Don’t Always Need to Train to Soreness
Delayed onset muscle soreness is a side effect of pushing through a tough workout, but does it mean you’re any closer to your fitness goals? There is this common belief among exercisers that muscle soreness and the quality of …
Strong Fitness Magazine
Exercise might slow rate of mental decline by 10 years for older people
Mentally, we all slow down a little bit as we age. It gets harder to recall names, or we forget where we put our keys, or the car …
Train the Foundation of Success: Willpower
So many of our behaviors are the default of a faulty environmental set-up. An alarm, a pre-staged gym bag, and a drawer full of healthy …
Breaking Muscle
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After Years of Doing Only One Type of Exercise, Mixing Things Up Transformed My Body
Throughout the course of my fitness journey, I've been through a lot of phases. I was never particularly athletic and didn't play any …
How to Do a Single-Leg Deadlift Without Falling on Your Face
If you want to strengthen nearly the entirety of your body's posterior kinetic chain—that's fitness-speak for the backside of your …
5 of the most common mistakes people make when doing a tricep push-up
No move is more OG or has more cred than the push-up. It's the punishment of choice for boot camps, Pilates classes, yoga flows, HIIT …
Well And Good
Keep your teen moving to reduce risk of depression, study says
Science shows moderate to vigorous aerobic exercise is good for us -- it improves sleep; lowers blood pressure; protects against …
How to Make Fitness, Health, and Wellness a Family Affair
For many people, the road to good health is paved with many unhealthy people. They may be family, friends, neighbors or co-workers …
Top Fitness Magazine
How to Maximize Your Trail Running Performance, According to Running Coaches
Spending time outside is one thing. If your goals, however, go beyond simply logging more trail time this year, you likely need advice …
Men's Journal
New research shows running is like a therapy session, and we're hyped
The myriad mental health benefits of running have been well documented in journals and studies alike. A little more anecdotal …
Body And Soul
A Comprehensive Guide To Unilateral Training For Injury-Free Training And Performance
Getting strong is pretty simple: move big weight in the classic compound lifts—the deadlift, back squat, bench press, and overhead …
Breaking Muscle
"I tried jogging, but all that bouncing up and down made my beer too foamy!"
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Regular exercise helps lower what two major risk factors for heart disease?
See the answer below.
The 5-move upper body workout a surfer does to boost strength
Surfing might look like a peaceful, easy way to spend a day at the beach, but as anyone who's ever tried it …
Well And Good
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Quote of the Week
“I consider exercise vulgar. It makes people smell.”
Alec Yuill Thornton
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Regular exercise helps lower what two major risk factors for heart disease?
Answer: blood pressure and cholesterol levels
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