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Jul 17, 2019
Hit a fitness plateau? Strategies to push through
I think we can all agree that plateaus are the worst. After all, when you’re working on your fitness (hi, Lizzo), the last thing you want is to hit a standstill. While wishing for better results is the idealistic way to overcome …
Well and Good
What Is Overtraining?
Listen to enough gym chatter, and you’ll probably get an earful about the dangers of “overtraining.” Unfortunately, most of what …
Experience Life
9 Tips to Take Your Transformation to the Next Level
If you've read some of our featured transformations, you know that no two journeys look the same. The time it takes, the foods you eat …
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Get Faster and Build Muscle With This Summer Lift-Run Plan
Running and weight training have an uneasy relationship. Pavement pounders are loath to lift heavy, fearing weight gains will slow …
Men's Journal
How to Find Your Best Exercise Style
Are you trapped in an exercise routine that's good for your body, but isn't motivating your spirit? It's time to find your exercise …
Medicine Net
If Your Muscle Twitches After Working Out, You Need to Read This ASAP
After a grueling CrossFit workout on a hot Summer morning that involved kettlebell swings, goblet squats, and about 100 walking lunges …
Why does my face get so red when I work out?
When I workout, sweat and a bright red face typically go hand-in-hand. At this point, I've just accepted that I'm going to look like …
Well And Good
Getting Back to Exercise After Injury
ONE OF THE BRILLIANT pieces of advice I learned early in my sport psychology consulting practice was about capturing the language …
U.S. News
Spinach supplement may increase muscle strength
Rich in calcium, magnesium, and iron, some people call spinach a "superfood." Some studies have suggested that spinach has a variety …
Medical News Today
Loaded Carries Boring? Nah! They're Essential
We often talk about the importance of four movements: pushing, pulling, squatting, and hinging. All the while forgetting about one …
Breaking Muscle
Power Up Your Pullups With This Small Tweak
Your littlest digit is key to eking out more pullups, explains Joel Sanders, director of adult training at EXOS in Phoenix. Pinkies …
Men's Journal
"Lose some weight, quit smoking, move around more and eat the carrot."
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Lift to Lose Weight
When Ellen Zwiefel started putting on weight after the birth of her second child, she did what a lot of people do: She tried …
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FDR Nominated for Unprecedented Third Term
What Year
Franklin Delano Roosevelt is nominated for an unprecedented third term. Roosevelt would eventually be elected to a record four terms in office, the only U.S. president to serve more than two terms.
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Quote of the Week
"Gym Rule #1: If you want to know the correct way to perform an exercise, the answer is: Whatever hurts most."
Jason Love
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Which is the best source of vitamin E?
Answer: Almonds
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