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Jun 26, 2019
5 Biggest Mistakes Concealed Carriers Make
Personal defense and concealed carry are definitely hot topics today. More and more citizens are realizing that they are responsible for their own safety and they are taking steps to protect themselves and their families ...
NRA Family
Home-Defense Buckshot: Which Size is Best?
In the 1939 cinematic masterpiece that defined him, “Stagecoach” actor John Wayne’s Ringo Kid prepared for the fight with the evil Plummer ...
Shooting Illustrated
Concealed Carry Map: Know Your Rights
Until 1934, guns were unregulated in the United States. That was the year the National Firearms Act made it illegal to possess a ...
Video: The Advantage Of Shooting From The Kneeling Position
It's easy to get into a rut training, even when it's defensive training. Yeah, at the range you'll work on your stance, trigger control ...
Gun Digest
Shooters Must Practice Off Hand Shooting Before It’s Needed
In typical training, shooters spend time on accuracy, reloading and engagement, mostly using a two-hand grip. After all, that is how ...
Personal Defense World
Fight-Ready Fitness: Staying in Shape for Self-Defense
This article, "Stay Fit for Self-Defense," appeared originally as a Handbook in the August 2017 issue of Shooting Illustrated. To ...
Shooting Illustrated
4 Easy Mods To Improve Reloading-Die Performance
Here are four no-cost setup tricks that will improve the concentricity of your loaded ammo. Cartridge cases and reloading dies all ...
Shooting Sports USA
Why You Should Use Premium Ammo In Your Defensive Gun
After much rumination you finally bought a new handgun—a Kimber Ultra-Carry II in .45 ACP. You're stoked about it, but it was a splurge ...
NRA Family
Infographic: Strength vs. Toughness
If you've ever broken a cheap knife or tool, you know that material choice is a major element of durability. That $30 knife from the ...
Top Rangefinding Bow Sights of 2019
It was evening six of an elk hunt amid Colorado's San Juan Wilderness when I heard a bugle deep in a dark timber ravine. With it being ...
American Hunter
10 Tips for Working with First Time Shooters
Typically, its due to a lack of information because they aren't as well versed as they think regarding shooting. While they may be firearm ...
Concealed Nation
"You see them float by now and again when somebody down there is thinking too far out of the box."
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The recoil on the A-10's Gatling gun (GAU-8) has how much pounds of force?
See the answer below.
Noises in the Living Room! Should I Shoot?
Here's the scenario: After a quick trip to the spa, you arrive home at about 3:35 p.m. ready to get started on dinner for the kids ...
What Year Was It?
Truman Orders U.S. Forces to Korea
What Year
President Truman announces that he is ordering U.S. air and naval forces to South Korea to aid the democratic nation in repulsing an invasion by communist North Korea.
The day was Jun 27. What year was it?
Quote of the Week
"I am concerned for the security of our great Nation; not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within."
General Douglas MacArthur
Trivia Answer
The recoil on the A-10's Gatling gun (GAU-8) has how much pounds of force?
Answer: 10,000 pounds of force; slightly more than the output of one of the A-10's two TF34 engines.
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