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Jul 1, 2020
Range Commands
When you arrive at the range, you’ll probably hear a lot of sounds. The most important ones will be the commands given by the range officer—the person in charge of the range. The range officer’s primary duties are to control …
NRA Family
Fitting the Gun to the Shooter: It’s Harder to Hit if the Gun Doesn’t Fit
A primary goal for any firearms instructor is improving a student’s performance. One of the best — but, unfortunately, often overlooked …
US Concealed Carry Association
Find the Right Carry Gun, Not Necessarily Smallest Gun
At the beginning of the COVID-19 buying frenzy, a friend called and told me she was ready to buy her first gun for concealed carry and …
America's 1st Freedom
How to Choose the Right Hunting Bullet
Not long ago I was in a South Dakota hunting camp when a veteran hunter-a hunting TV personality, no less-was bemoaning the …
American Hunter
Tips on Choosing Ammunition for Your Concealed-Carry Revolver
Multiple defensive loads exist for concealed-carry revolvers like this Ruger LCR. No matter what handgun you carry, knowing how your …
Shooting Illustrated
These Guys Tried Robbing A Gun Store, To Be Met With Everyone Armed Inside
I won't start out by asking why, because criminals do have successful robberies at gun shops. In this particular case, the bad guys were …
Concealed Nation
Wind Power: Decoding The Air Rifle And Pistol
The air rifle and air pistol have come a long way since the days of .177-caliber pellets and Red Ryder lever-actions. Find out what's …
Gun Digest
Debrief: What We Learned From the COVID-19 Crisis
Now that states are beginning to open back up, it is time to step back and assess what responsibly armed Americans can learn from …
Top 10 Infantry Rifles of All Time
Because soldiers in general and infantrymen in particular operate as part of a combined-arms army, where armor, artillery and aircraft …
American Rifleman
Have an Emergency Response Plan for Your Home
Do you know what you'd do if you were awakened at 2 a.m. to the sounds of your front door being kicked off its hinges? More importantly …
NRA America's 1st Freedom
Precision Reloading: Making The Best Case Possible
The cartridge case is the most controllable element in precision reloading. Here are the steps facets to turning out optimized brass …
Gun Digest
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The recoil on the A-10's Gatling gun (GAU-8) has how much pounds of force?
See the answer below.
How to Help a New Hunter Buy a Big-Game Rifle
That moment when someone recognizes what I do-when a contractor visiting my home sees my game room, for instance-usually …
NRA American Hunter
What Year Was It?
Amelia Earhart disappears
What Year
The Lockheed aircraft carrying American aviator Amelia Earhart and navigator Frederick Noonan is reported missing near Howland Island in the Pacific.
The day was Jul 2. What year was it?
Quote of the Week
"I am concerned for the security of our great Nation; not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within."
General Douglas MacArthur
Trivia Answer
The recoil on the A-10's Gatling gun (GAU-8) has how much pounds of force?
Answer: 10,000 pounds of force; slightly more than the output of one of the A-10's two TF34 engines.
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