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Oct 9, 2019
Concealed Carry Caution: Controlling Your Firearm
Most civilians don’t lose control of their guns at the hands of some criminal. After all, most typically carry concealed. Instead, they are more likely to drop them while getting out of cars or running up the stairs. Sometimes …
US Concealed Carry Association
Home Defense with an Offensive Mindset
We’ve all considered the uncomfortable scenario where something goes bump in the night — maybe it was your dog knocking something …
Recoil Offgrid
Reloading: How To Choose The Right Bullet
If you take a few minutes to scroll through the component bullet section of any major retailer's website, you can find a near …
Gun Digest
Things You Need at the Range
If you're a beginning shooter, you know that working on your fundamentals is key...and that the range is a great place to do it. However …
NRA Family
5 Great Household Handgun-Concealment Products
Having a handgun that's both secured and easily accessed can be a bit of a chore, and manufacturers are responding with a number …
Shooting Illustrated
NRA’s New National Database Helps Adaptive Shooters
Whether you need short- or long-term adaptations to help you pursue your love of hunting and fishing, finding out about the choices …
America's 1st Freedom
Everyday Carry: What’s on Your Belt?
This morning I completed a short video showing off my everyday carry (EDC) kit. I was instructed to do a "pocket dump" on a table …
A Short History Of Pistol Shooting Techniques
Have you ever been to Graceland, the late Elvis Presley's home in Memphis? If so, you'll be able to relate to what's on my mind. During …
Shooting Sports
Female Shooters On: Semi-Autos vs. Revolvers
It's the age-old question: Semi-autos or revolvers? The question has been asked and answered by many. The topic has been covered by …
NRA Family
Defensively Speaking, Is Perfect Sight Alignment Imperative?
It's drilled into your head the first day you pick up a gun and reiterated ever after: sight alignment is key to effective marksmanship …
Gun Digest
Lights & Home Defense: Firearm Safety Rule 4 in Action
Target identification is perhaps the most vital aspect of home defense. Imagine waking up to a noise in the middle of the night, going …
Shooting Illustrated
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What U.S. President served as an enlisted man in the military and did not go on to become an officer?
See the answer below.
Hunting on History’s Continuum
We often make the mistake of assuming that only recently has the "natural" order of things been upset. We do this, I …
NRA Hunters
What Year Was It?
Jimmy Carter Wins Nobel Prize
What Year
Former President Jimmy Carter wins the Nobel Peace Prize "for his decades of untiring effort to find peaceful solutions to international conflicts, to advance democracy and human rights, and to promote economic and social development."
The day was Oct 11. What year was it?
Quote of the Week
"The fight will not be the way you want it to be. The fight will be the way it is. YOU must be flexible enough to adapt."
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What U.S. President served as an enlisted man in the military and did not go on to become an officer?
Answer: James Buchanan
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