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Mike DiGregorio
Managing Director
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Jul 17, 2019
Unusual interview practices for checking culture fit
‘How can I be sure if a good candidate will make a great member of my team?’ Is a question every hiring manager asks. In fact, the process of interviews are generally more of a sales gig and an exercise of selling a potential …
People Matters
Top mistakes made by hiring managers
As we all know, recruitment is a hugely expensive game. A common misconception made by those who are new to the practice is that it’s …
Startup Magazine
The Subscription Model: The Shining Star of E-Commerce
Subscription sales have become a strong part of e-commerce. Everything from razors to dog toys to movies is being sold on the subscription …
E-Commerce Times
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Growing the family asset management company
No one was picking up the phone at the big investment banks. It was the summer of 2009, just as the full depth of the Great Recession …
Strategy + Business
Five Steps to Successful Organizational Change
Driving and sustaining organizational change is one of the biggest business priorities. That's why innovation, culture, and disruption …
Today’s Inspired Leader – Authors Define Leadership
The word leader brings to many people's minds characteristics of intellectual strength, decisiveness and focused commitment. The …
The Startup Magazine
15 Proven Ways to Improve Your Business Negotiation Skills
Entrepreneurs are constantly making deals, so learning how to negotiate becomes an essential skill to master. But when you're at the …
All Business
Massive Startup Growth In The 2020s Will Be In Middle America -- Not Silicon Valley
Silicon Valley is synonymous with startup success. For the past three decades, money, resources and talent flocked to San Josea …
How to Give Your Team the Right Amount of Autonomy
Leaders often say they want to empower autonomous teams and free the front line to innovate, but they also fear the chaos that might …
Harvard Business Review
What to Do When You Don't Know Anyone in the Room
For some of us, there is nothing more intimidating than walking into a room and realizing you don't know a single soul (we're looking …
12 Overrated Employee Perks Your Company Should Avoid Offering
In today's highly competitive job market, employers often try to woo top talent by advertising a variety of perks of working …
All Business
"Look at the bright side. At this time of year, red ink looks kind of festive."
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Which online business was named for a word from Gulliver's Travels that meant 'rude, unsophisticated, uncouth'?
See the answer below.
Setting Better Sales Goals with Analytics
Sales compensation is a critical lever in motivating a salesforce and driving growth in the business-to-business sector: Studies …
Harvard Business Review
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FDR Nominated for Unprecedented Third Term
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Franklin Delano Roosevelt is nominated for an unprecedented third term. Roosevelt would eventually be elected to a record four terms in office, the only U.S. president to serve more than two terms.
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"Get the right people on the bus and in the right seat."
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Which online business was named for a word from Gulliver's Travels that meant 'rude, unsophisticated, uncouth'?
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