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Aug 21, 2019
Going Without Health Insurance Can Double Your Risk of Bankruptcy
When I wrote about calculating the total out-of-pocket cost of your health insurance plan earlier this week, some of you asked why we should bother with health insurance in the first place. If we’ll need to pay $10K or more …
Life vs. Health Insurance: Choosing What to Buy
There’s a definite comfort in knowing that even if your health takes an unexpected turn, you and your family have a financial safety …
Bypass ATM fees while you're on the road
If you find yourself short on cash while on vacation, it might seem easiest to hit up the nearest ATM. But if that handy machine is …
ABC News
When Your Child is Ready for College, Will You Be Ready?
You Don't Have to Break a Bank for Your Child's
4 years of College Education!
Planning Early is Wise,
But Relying on 529 Plans is Not Prudent!!
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What happens If an Accident or Illness
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This food could face the next sin tax after sugar: Report
Meat could face higher taxes related to health concerns and criticism over the role of the industry in issues like climate change …
Fox Business
The reason 84% of Americans are struggling to save for retirement
There are plenty of scenarios where workers find themselves forced to delay their retirement savings. Those who start out earning limited …
USA Today
What Are Co-signers Liable & Responsible For?
If you're fortunate enough to have good credit, there's a good chance that some day a loved new loan or a credit card. Maybe it's an adult …
Are You Prepared to Overcome the Financial Impact of a Natural Disaster?
"I never thought it would happen to me." We often hear these words from people who suddenly find themselves the victims of a natural …
7 Tips To Enjoy Financial Stability And Secure Your Future
Financial stability is a result of hard and creative work. And if you want to enjoy it, then you need to get creative too. That said …
Finance Monthly
Getting A Parent With Dementia The Best Long-Term Care For The Money
Liz Kozlowski and her staff at Brookdale Senior Living's Westlake Village, outside of Cleveland, knew that resident Ed Petrigac …
Worried about a recession? Protect yourself but don't panic
If the threat of a recession gives you pause when it comes to your personal finances, remember now is a time to prepare, not panic …
ABC News
3 Social Security mistakes that could wreck your retirement
Social Security benefits can be a lifesaver in retirement, especially if your personal savings fall short. But if you depend too …
USA Today
"If I count my blessings and some of them are heavily taxed, do they still count as blessings?"
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Which unit of currency is not used in Asia: Ringgit, Forint, Baht, Rupiah
See the answer below.
IRS Automatically Waives Withholding and Estimated Tax Penalty for Thousands of Taxpayers
Earlier this year, the IRS lowered the underpayment penalty threshold from 90% to 80% to help taxpayers who didn't have enough tax …
What Year Was It?
Althea Gibson First African-American on U.S. Tennis Tour
What Year
The United States Lawn Tennis Association accepts Althea Gibson into their annual championship at Forest Hills, New York, making her the first African-American player to compete in a U.S. national tennis competition.
The day was Aug 22. What year was it?
Quote of the Week
"There are people who have money, and there are people who are rich."
Coco Chanel
Trivia Answer
Which unit of currency is not used in Asia: Ringgit, Forint, Baht, Rupiah
Answer: Forint is a currency used in Hungary.
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