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Nov 6, 2019
6 Unexpected Habits of the Most Confident People
Here's something you know. Being self-confident improves odds of success, whether you're a leader wanting to lead confidently, an entrepreneur, or someone just trying to learn how to deal with criticism. And you know the obvious ways to become more confident such as living with a …
Can You Name Your Values?
Recently, I went on a hike with the manager of a flourishing start-up. On our hike, he confessed he was uncertain about his future at his …
Driving engagement and retention in tech-led learning programs
Technology is changing the L&D landscape by providing tools that can help training managers in automating, scaling and truly personalizing …
People Matters
Use this Smart Employee Engagement Survey
This unique employee engagement tool will help you see deep below the surface and learn what employees in your company really think, feel, and value.
3Phase Advisors
Cost Effective CFO Services
We provide our 3PHASE Growth Partners with an expert financial analyst, planner and manager who is experienced and has a broad range of skills to support the unique challenges you face every day.
3Phase Advisors
Factors to Consider Before Beginning Your Startup Journey
Deciding to start your own business is anxiety-inducing, yet admirable and rewarding. Aside from the idea of being your own boss and …
Startup Magazine
Five Ways Salespeople Can Contribute To A Great Customer Experience
A growing number now understand that their job is to ascertain the customer’s needs and then demonstrate the value of their product or …
Why not having a succession plan can derail your business and put your legacy at risk
Having a solid succession plan in place is crucial to ensure a seamless transition of ownership, especially when faced with the …
You don't need employees to qualify for a business credit card
It may be surprising to hear, but it's entirely possible that you could qualify for a business credit card. "But I don't have …
Business Insider
Why Good Listening Is a Critical Skill for Founders and Entrepreneurs
Listening can be a matter of life and death. Imagine a distracted hostage negotiator or an airline pilot who tunes out air traffic …
Buying a Franchise vs. an Independent Business
You would love to operate your own business, and over the years you’ve set aside money to invest in a company to fulfill this lifelong …
All Business
Balancing the Company’s Needs and Employee Satisfaction
As a senior leader, doing what is right for your company and doing what will make your employees happiest are not always mutually …
Harvard Business Review
Why you should start a weekly planning session
You can eliminate a lot of unexpected stress by doing a little bit of advance planning. I’m a time management strategist who, last week …
Fast Company
"Please moan into the phone. A nurse will determine if you are too sick to work today or just faking it."
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The American inventor Douglas Engelbart is best known for inventing which ubiquitous 'clicking' device?
See the answer below.
How to Create Effective B2B Marketing Videos
Video content has to be entertaining enough to capture viewers and effective enough to turn them into customers …
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The American inventor Douglas Engelbart is best known for inventing which ubiquitous 'clicking' device?
Answer: Computer mouse
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