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Cheryl Kinsey
Interior Eloquence
Mar 14, 2018
Designers reveal the coolest kitchen design trends
"My favourite trend is using personalized tiles for a backsplash. It’s upping the game on the classic subway tile. Handmade tiles are available in a wide range of shapes and every possible hue one can imagine. If you can’t find ...
Style At Home
The Golden Rule to Follow For Sizing Your Art Just Right
There are some rooms you see that look pretty good, that make you think "oh, I can totally do that." Then there are the rooms that look ...
Apartment Therapy
Remodel or Update? Get a Fresh Look Without the Overhaul
When fine art photographer Gray Malin revamped his classic 1920s bungalow in California, it was less about needing a complete makeover ...
Cottages And Bungalows
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Interior Eloquence
Guest Room Makeover
This guest room could use some serious pampering. It was primarily used for storage, and then quickly cleared up to accommodate guests. Check out this transformation.
Interior Eloquence
Can I install tile directly over plywood?
Uh oh! My contractor just finished laying 122 square feet of porcelain floors directly over plywood in my kitchen. When I had asked him ...
Today's Home Owner
Tips for Creating a Green Home Office
While some people who work from home spend all of their work hours while sitting on the sofa or even on the bed, many people have a dedicated ...
Home Business
The 5 Layers of a Well-Lit Dining Room
A chandelier over a table is a classic start to a well-lit dining room, but if you want to create the most comfortable, functional and ...
30 Most Trendy Sunrooms Straight Out of Our Dreams
If you're thinking about adding a sunroom to your house, here are the best features to take into account. And even if not, these photos ...
Choose the Right Style of Wood Fence for Your Home
With the right fence, you can expect years of protection, privacy and value. The traditional beauty and affordability of wood is a primary ...
Extreme How-To
The Best Apps For Planning a Room Layout & Design
What a time to be planning room layouts! Lucky for us, we now have access to a treasure trove of user-friendly apps to help us create ...
Apartment Therapy
The One Thing I Wish I Knew Before I Chose Open Shelving in My Kitchen
More than any color, style, or even sink shape, open shelving is arguably the biggest trend in kitchen design right now. In a beautifully ...
Southern Living
7 Ideas to Make the Most of a Small Patio
Your patio may not be spacious, but it can be the perfect space to surround yourself in beauty. Here are tips to turn tiny into terrific ...
Home & Garden
"I found happieness in my own backyard, but my neighbor claims it's on his side of the property line."
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An open area around a basement window is called what?
See the answer below.
Are Home Renovations Necessary?
The glut of home renovation and house flipping shows on HGTV and other channels have people hankering for an "updated" home. One reason ...
What Year Was It?
War in Iraq Begins
War in Iraq Begins
The United States, along with coalition forces primarily from the United Kingdom, initiates war on Iraq.
The day was Mar 19. What year was it?
Quote of the Week
"Nothing annoys a woman more than to have company drop in unexpectedly and find the house looking as it usually does."
Frank Dane
Trivia Answer
An open area around a basement window is called what?
Answer: Lightwell
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