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Jul 15, 2020
Sitting all day? Tips to avoid back and neck pain
Is working from home a literal pain the neck? Many of us have spent long hours hunched over impromptu workstations on beds, coffee tables and kitchen islands since the onset of the pandemic. With elevated stress levels …
Today Online
Yoga and Meditation Boosts Executive Brain Function
Over the last decade, yoga has become one of the most popular types of physical activity in the United States. There are an estimated …
Breaking Muscle
COVID Stress Syndrome: What It Is and Why It Matters
Pandemics are unlike other disasters due to their broad scope and prolonged, fluctuating timeline. COVID-19 (caused by the SARS …
Psychology Today
Indoor airborne spread of coronavirus possible
The World Health Organization is acknowledging the possibility that COVID-19 might be spread in the air under certain conditions …
ABC News
Wearing a mask cuts own risk of novel coronavirus by 65 percent
Health experts have stressed the importance of wearing a mask to limit the possibility of infecting others with COVID-19, but a range …
Fox News
Face shields are more comfortable than masks, but are they as effective?
Around the world, face masks have become not just a tool to slow the spread of coronavirus but a social symbol, a mark of solidarity …
Body And Soul
Digestive Supplements—What Works…and What Doesn’t
Supermarkets, pharmacies, health-food stores and the Internet offer a confusing array of digestive-support products that promise …
Bottom Line Inc
Injured? Visiting a physical therapist can help you bounce back
Your intentions are good. You are going to start a new exercise program. You are taking all the right steps to get healthy and fit, but …
Healthy & Fit Magazine
7 Ways You Could Accidentally Be Making Your IBS Worse
Living with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) often means living with unpredictability, especially when you're not sure of your …
Most expensive medical procedures in the U.S., ranked
During a pandemic that has left millions of Americans unemployed, the Trump administration continues to urge the Supreme Court to …
CBS News
Shield Yourself From 'Swimmer's Ear'
It's high season for the painful infection known as swimmer's ear, but it shouldn't spoil your fun if you plan ahead. Swimmer's ear …
Medicine Net
"I'm prescribing a diet patch to repair the leak in your willpower."
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When engineer Percy Spencer discovered that his chocolate bar became a mess when near a magnetron, it lead to the invention of what modern convenience?
See the answer below.
Natural Treatments For Anxiety
The world can be a terrifying place at times, and we've all been reminded of that in 2020. It's been a hard year so far …
Alternative Medicine
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Nixon Announces Visit to Communist China
What Year
During a live television and radio broadcast, President Richard Nixon stuns the nation by announcing that he will visit communist China the following year.
The day was Jul 15. What year was it?
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"You know, all that really matters is that the people you love are happy and healthy. Everything else is just sprinkles on the sundae."
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Trivia Answer
When engineer Percy Spencer discovered that his chocolate bar became a mess when near a magnetron, it lead to the invention of what modern convenience?
Answer: Microwave
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