Dr. Andrew W Cleland
Highland Park Animal Hospital
Mar 14, 2018
Common mistakes we make with our pets
Maybe you've been gently chastised by your vet for letting your cat pack on extra pounds or letting your dog's teeth get out of hand. But there are plenty of times that veterinarians have held back, keeping their opinions to ...
Mother Nature Network
Caring for Cats with Kidney Disease
My guest for Tuesday of Cat Week is feline expert Dr. Lisa Pierson, founder of the fabulous website Dr. Lisa graduated from ...
Healthy Pets
Cat Rescues Couple from House Fire
A Pennsylvania couple can thank their cat for alerting them to a fire in the wee hours of the morning. "Fortunately, both were in bed ...
Life With Cats
The Real Danger of Driving with a Dog in Your Lap
If you were to pass me in my car, you would notice my dogs traveling with me. Unless I'm going to a store that isn't dog-friendly or ...
The Dangers Of Mold Exposure For Dogs
Do you have mold in your home?. It's an important question you need to answer because, left unchecked, mold exposure can cause serious ...
Dogs Naturally
Raw food for cats recalled after kitten dies
Blue Ridge Beef recalled one lot of frozen Kitten Grind raw cat food after a kitten that ate the food died of salmonella septicemia and ...
Smart Brief
The Essential Guide to Raising a Puppy
If you think your family is ready for a puppy, this guide will equip you with simple, clear, and effective information on how to raise ...
The Dogington Post
This Organization Is Turning “Throw Away Dogs” Into K-9 Heroes!
Check out this amazing news segment about a Pennsylvania organization that's helping re-integrate shelter pups back into society by ...
Life With Dogs
Free Roaming Dogs
Though many of us know dogs as beloved and cherished household pets, we also know that lots of dogs throughout the world do not live as ...
The Bark
If Your Cat's Behavior Is a Problem, Do More of This
Most feline behavior, good and bad, is a response to the environment we provide for our cats. The two biggest behavior complaints ...
Healthy Pets
Why Does My Dog Have Flaky Skin?
Winter can bring many challenges for dogs and, just like us, dry skin is one of the more common ailments the cold weather can inflict ...
K9 Magazine
"When you asked me if I want to go out, I thought..."
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How far can a lion's roar be heard?
See the answer below.
To Potty Train or Not to Potty Train the Catt
Dealing with cat litter could, possibly, be the greatest challenge for any pet owner. It's not just about the smell or the time required ...
Life With Cats
What Year Was It?
War in Iraq Begins
War in Iraq Begins
The United States, along with coalition forces primarily from the United Kingdom, initiates war on Iraq.
The day was Mar 19. What year was it?
Quote of the Week
"Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet."
Trivia Answer
How far can a lion's roar be heard?
Answer: 5 miles
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