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March 22, 2023
4 Social Security Strategies to Bankroll Retirement
There are many ways to increase your Social Security benefits. For roughly 66 million Americans, Social Security plays a vital role in helping them cover their daily and monthly expenses once they've retired or are nearing the end of their careers and will soon retire. But the monthly checks aren't always huge amounts …
The Motley Fool
Smart Tactics for Building a Wealthy Retirement Faster
There is no singular recipe for building a wealthy retirement faster than your peers. If you talk to 1,000 millionaires, you'll get 1,000 different …
Owning a Home Now Costs an Average of $17,500 a Year
Are you getting ready to buy a home? Mortgage rates are sky-high (as are average monthly mortgage payments), but that's hardly the only homeownership …
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Don't Scramble Your Nest Eggs
Does the FDIC Cover Business Accounts?
The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) is best known for insuring the bank deposits of individual consumers. But its coverage also extends …
How Much Money Should I Have Saved?
If you've recently asked yourself, "How much money should I have saved?" you have come to the right place. There's a lot of uncertainty in the economy …
SF Gate
Social Security Benefits are Rising, But So Are the Taxes. Here's Why
If you feel like your Social Security benefits aren't going very far despite big cost-of-living increases the past few years, there's a reason for it, and …
USA Today
How to Remove Negative Items From Your Credit Report
Your credit report is meant to be an accurate, detailed summary of your financial history - however, mistakes happen more often than you may think …
Job Plus a Side Gig? Avoid These Mistakes
At the beginning of the year, many people have their eyes set on goals. Some of these goals may include increasing your income, starting a dream business …
ABC News
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Glenn W. Mosseller, RFC®
Roadmap Financial Consulting, LLC
109 Muirs Chapel Road
Greensboro, NC 27410
Phone: (336) 291-3535
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