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Nov 22, 2017
Clearing Corners in Home Defense
Chances are you pass dozens of corners each day. Each corner in your home represents a potential problem, because bad things can hide behind them. In a home-defense scenario, the best way to deal with a corner is to avoid ...
Top 5 Mistakes Most Riflemen Make
As much as we riflemen pride ourselves in our shooting abilities, we've all made mistakes along the road—me especially. From developing ...
American Hunter
Promoting the Mentoring Stage of Hunting
Dave Steffen, who heads the Virginia Game Department's Forest Wildlife Science Team, recently told me that some of the most ...
Hunter's Leadership Forum
Hypothermia: What You Need to Know
Periodic snow flurries were a welcome relief from the ice and freezing rain that coated the trail with a perilous polish. A little ...
NRA Family
Holiday Gift Guide: 7 Great Items for Gun Owners at Home
For gun owners, their home is their castle, and there are plenty of new products on the market in 2017 that make it easier or more ...
Shooting Illustrated
Prying Eyes, Prying Hands
I used to enjoy Kevin Spacey's movie and television roles: LA Confidential, The Usual Suspects, Midnight in the Garden of Good ...
Why Should Millennials Continue To Compete?
Competitive shooting is a long-standing tradition, passed on from generation to generation, but why should millennials continue to ...
Shooting Sports USA
Carry Life | Head Position: A Misunderstood Basic
While we'd be the last to say too much has been written about the two most elemental factors in good handgun technique—sight picture ...
America's 1st Freedom
7 Reasons Why Long-Range Hunting is a Horrible Idea
It's one thing if a hunter's only option for success is to take a shot that pushes the capabilities of his skill and equipment—it ...
American Hunter
Fun Friday: 3 (Really Embarrassing) Outdoor Stories
When you're reading your favorite outdoor magazines and websites, you're definitely reading true stories...but sometimes, the best ...
NRA Family
One Hunter to Another: An Officer’s View of Trespassing
Trespassing—the act of being where you are not supposed to be, going where you are not allowed to go. As someone who dedicated his ...
Hunter's Leadership Forum
"Millions of years of evolution and man still hunts with a spear."
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What U.S. military branch was responsible for exploring and mapping America?
See the answer below.
New ‘Assault Weapons’ Bill Would Ban GLOCK 17 And Many Other Popular Pistols
The text of Senator Dianne Feinstein's assault rifle ban bill is now available on her website and, contra Nick's expectations ...
Concealed Nation
What Year Was It?
Who Shot J.R.
Who Shot J.R.
350 million people around the world tune in to "Dallas" to find out who shot J.R. Ewing who had been shot on the season-ending episode the previous March.
The day was Nov 21. What year was it?
Quote of the Week
At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security.
Jodi Rell
Trivia Answer
What U.S. military branch was responsible for exploring and mapping America?
Answer: U.S. Army
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