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Mar 14, 2018
Tips for Choosing the Right Concealed-Carry Rig
It's amazing how the pairing of two simple words can cause such mental anguish in the decision-making process, as in "concealed carry." You've decided to carry a gun, and you know you must keep it concealed. Despite the number of concealed-carry holster options available in today's ...
Shooting Illustrated
Raising Age to Buy Guns Would Leave Some Vulnerable
In the wake of a 19-year-old's rampage at a Florida high school, one of the easiest "solutions" that anti-gunners have suggested is to raise ...
America's 1st Freedom
Favorite Gear MIA from 2018 SHOT Show
While industry innovation and trends change year after year, the comments from my envious friends do not, who consistently proclaim ...
American Rifleman
Shot Process: How To Fix Natural Point of Aim
Question: I am having a problem getting my vertical natural point of aim when shooting silhouette. I tend to fall out the bottom ...
Shooting Sports USA
Gundogs: Beware the Burs
Long hairs—those lovely tail plumes, silky ears and tapering leg “chaps”—give a hunting dog flair, style, class and beauty, but you pay ...
American Hunter
Top Five Magazine Holsters
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: These are great days for handgun owners — especially those who carry on a regular basis ...
US Concealed Carry Association
2 Terrible Ways People Grip Their Guns (& 1 Good One)
About a year ago, in this article, I wrote about a proper, firm grip on the handgun and its importance in reliable functioning of a ...
NRA Family
Colt’s Greatest Generation?
In the January issue I did a feature on Colt’s 3rd Generation of Single Action Army sixguns. So it’s only fitting to discuss their immediate ...
Guns Magazine
One Shoulder Holster Fits With Today’s Fashions
For some reason, shoulder rigs are not as popular as they used to be. In part it is due to the clothing we wear. One particular shoulder ...
America's 1st Freedom
Rifleman Q & A: Leads On Leading
Q: I would like advice concerning the use of “shotshells” in pistols. I typically carry a revolver when clearing brush on my 35 acres ...
American Rifleman
Rifle Fundamentals: Shooting and Follow-Through
When you have learned how to perform the first four fundamentals of firing the shot
—aiming, breath control, hold control and ...
Shooting Sports USA
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What city in Georgia has a law that every head of household must own a gun?
See the answer below.
5 Hiking Boot Hints (That'll Save Your Sole)
The snow is finally starting to melt, and you know what that means...hiking season! It will no doubt be a great relief to get outdoors ...
NRA Family
What Year Was It?
War in Iraq Begins
War in Iraq Begins
The United States, along with coalition forces primarily from the United Kingdom, initiates war on Iraq.
The day was Mar 19. What year was it?
Quote of the Week
"A shoot-out is better than a massacre!"
David M. Bennett
Trivia Answer
What city in Georgia has a law that every head of household must own a gun?
Answer: Kennesaw
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