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Jan 17, 2018
5 Ways Chiropractors Relieve Their Own Back Pain
Baby got back (pain)? Join the club. At some point in their lives, as many as 80 percent of people will experience back pain, according to Aixa Goodrich D.C., a chiropractor at South Florida Chiropractic Center. She notes ...
Women's Health Magazine
Ease That Aching Back With These Soothing Yoga Poses
Whether you woke up with a tight lower back, your desk job has you aching, or you overdid it at the gym, here is a relaxing yoga sequence ...
Here's why sleeping more can help you eat healthier foods
Get all your Z's and you're more likely to cut back on sugar intake and eat healthier overall, a new study says. Getting enough ...
Mens Fitness
Give the gift of health to your family and friends! Chiropractic care helps correct the alignment of the spine allowing the nervous system to function without interference.
Skyline Chiropractic
New lipo treatment available. This procedure is non- surgical and non-invasive. We are offering a FREE consultation for the first five patients to respond to this offer!
Skyline Chiropractic
Screening, Treatment Cuts Breast Cancer Deaths in Half
Breakthroughs in breast cancer screening and treatment have slashed the percentage of women dying from the disease, a new analysis reveals ...
How to Eat More Veggies
It's a perennial question: How can I improve my eating habits? Food activist and journalist Michael Pollan famously counsels, "Eat food ...
Experience Life
Why Saunas Are Ridiculously Good for You
A visit to the sauna is more than just relaxing; it seems to have real heart and cardiovascular benefits, as well. A group ...
12 Low Blood Sugar Signs and Symptoms
"Low blood sugar" is one of those terms we've all heard thrown around a bunch but probably don't know much about. But how do you know ...
How dangerous are raw oysters? Flesh-eating bacteria case raises concerns
The shocking story of a Texas woman who died after contracting flesh-eating bacteria from eating raw oysters has some people worried ...
CBS News
The 4 Best Eating Habits To Start This Year
Need to refresh your diet for 2018? Forget the draconian methods and instead go with these fuss-free eating strategies that will boost ...
Vitamin deficiency in later life
One in two persons aged 65 and above has suboptimal levels of vitamin D in the blood. This is the conclusion of an investigation ...
Alternative Medicine
The Gut Bug That Protects Against Diabetes
While most people who get type 2 diabetes are overweight or obese, some overweight/obese people never get diabetes—even those with ...
Bottom Line Inc
"Dinosaurs didn't smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol or eat junk food... and where are they now!?"
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What are the 10 human body parts that are only three letters long?
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Do This One Simple Thing to Fall Asleep Faster
If you lie awake at night because your mind won't stop racing, taking five minutes before bed to write out a to-do list for the next ...
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Edgar Allan Poe is Born
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What are the 10 human body parts that are only three letters long?
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