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Mar 14, 2018
6 Ways To Stay Motivated To Train
One of the biggest challenges people deal with when following a training program is staying motivated through its entirety. Maybe you've experienced this before: The first couple of weeks you're excited about a new program, but ...
Should You Exercise When You Are Sore?
Even if you exercise regularly, you've felt it: the aching, can't-sit-down-or-lift-my-arm muscle soreness the next day after a workout ...
Moving Beyond Your Daily Exercise
Seemingly, you do everything right. You eat sensibly and reach the American Heart Association's recommended 75 minutes of ...
Breaking Muscle
Exercise an Antidote for Aging
If you want to counter the physical costs of getting old, regular exercise might be your best option, researchers report. The findings ...
The Kettlebell Workout That Will Seriously Build Your Shoulders
The shoulder press is a staple of traditional strength-training routines. But heavy loads and form mistakes can cause this exercise to ...
Men's Journal
Heart disease patients live longer when they exercise
Older adults with heart disease who regularly exercise, even a little bit, may live longer than they would without any physical activity ...
This is how to supercharge your walks to burn fat and feel great
UK sports scientist Joanna Hall teaches people how to walk more effectively, improving their health and waistlines on the way. Here is her ...
Body And Soul
How Exercising Into Old Age Can Keep Your Immune System Young
Exercise, even in old age, is known to have a wide range of health benefits, from preventing disability to slowing memory decline. But a new ...
Hard Truths You Need To Hear About The Bench Press
Want to use the bench press for maximum effectiveness and minimum risk? Then hear these hard truths and put them into action!. Go to your ...
5 Amazing Things That Happen to Your Body When You Start Lifting Weights
You probably already know that hitting the weights at the gym or doing bodyweight exercises makes you stronger and fitter. But what many ...
This Is How Much Cardio You Should Be Doing If You Want to Lose Weight
Strength training, cardio, and a healthy diet are said to make up the perfect formula for weight loss. But sometimes it's hard to know ...
"If you haven't exercised in a while, you may need to stretch and warm up before you stretch and warm up."
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Are you stuck with the metabolic rate you're born with?
See the answer below.
How to build muscle as age tears it down
If you are in your 40s or 50s, chances are that you are starting to notice some changes in your body, including muscle loss and diminishing ...
What Year Was It?
War in Iraq Begins
War in Iraq Begins
The United States, along with coalition forces primarily from the United Kingdom, initiates war on Iraq.
The day was Mar 19. What year was it?
Quote of the Week
"I think it's more important to be fit so that you can be healthy and enjoy activities than it is to have a good body."
Rachel Blanchard
Trivia Answer
Are you stuck with the metabolic rate you're born with?
Answer: False
Fitness Zone
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