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Apr 17, 2019
Will Cardio or Weightlifting Help You Lose Belly Fat Faster?
Fitness newbie or not, if you're trying to lose belly fat, you're probably wondering exactly how you should be training. With all the workout options — HIIT, strength training, cardio, and CrossFit — it can be difficult to find ...
Age is no barrier: meet the world's oldest top athletes
I didn’t do any exercise at all until I was 50. I remember trying out for the long-jump team at university for a laugh and I couldn’t ...
The Guardian
Exactly what you should eat to burn fat and build muscle
Lose weight and tone up – two of the most common goals people have when it comes to their health. And while countless online programs ...
Body And Soul
How to Be a Stronger Runner in 8 Easy Steps
You know that to be a runner, you've got to, well, run. Many think that's enough, but if you want to be a strong runner, incorporating ...
The Dumbbell Row Side Planks That Will Make Your Abs Sore as Hell
SIDE PLANKS are tough, and for good reason. The static move tests total body strength and balance. At first, the torso tips front ...
Men's Journal
Just a Little More Exercise Can Add Years to Your Life
No matter your fitness level, adding just a little more exercise may prolong your life, new research suggests. "People think they have ...
US News
What Female Lifters Need to Know About Strength and the Scale
Strength sports have seen a surge in female participation over the last few years, but there's still a strong, and sometimes ...
This Is the Easiest, Most Effective Way to Burn 100 Calories, No Equipment Necessary
If you've been away from the game for a while or are trying to get fit for the first time, walking is an accessible, effective way to ...
You Have To Eat To Grow Muscles
We love to rip on stereotypes, but sometimes they're quite accurate. In 10 years of being a fitness coach at MadLab School of Fitness ...
Breaking Muscle
Best Way to Walk for Strong Bones
For women, risk for bone fractures increases significantly after menopause—even more so if they also have type 2 diabetes. One good ...
Bottom Line Inc
The healthy habit that makes you happier than money
We all know that a good workout can release endorphins that will give us that happy, post-exercise buzz – that's why when you get ...
Body And Soul
"I can't run early in the morning. When my buns of steel clang together, it sounds like two trash can lids!"
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A 6-Minute Obliques Workout You Can Do Anywhere
There's no denying that all the muscles in your core are important. You need them all to be strong in order to keep your body stable ...
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"Our growing softness, our increasing lack of physical fitness, is a menace to our security."
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What is a serving size?
Answer: A serving size is a specific amount of food, defined by common measurements such as cups, ounces or pieces.
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