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Jun 19, 2019
These Unexpected Foods May Be Giving You Cavities
Tooth decay happens when acids and bacteria caused by plaque and the foods we eat attack our tooth enamel. Tooth enamel—the hard substance that makes our teeth shiny—is meant to protect our teeth, but it can be worn away over ...
Your Dentail Health Resource
New evidence confirms long-term benefits of electric toothbrush use
A new study has shown that the long-term use of an electric toothbrush slows progression of periodontal disease and helps to prevent ...
Dental Tribune
Does Lasik Eye Surgery Mean No More Glasses?
You're tired of eyeglasses and contacts and considering Lasik. Friends who have had the vision-correcting surgery seem pleased ...
Bottom Line Inc
Like To See Your Family Smile?
Bring them to Lexington Family Smiles where Dr. Moulton uses his skills to make people feel better, both physically and emotionally, one smile at a time.
Lexington Family Smiles
Lexington Family Smiles Are Beautiful Smiles
Smile makeovers truly transform your smile with a combination of any number of our cosmetic dentistry services. Discover and learn more ...
Lexington Family Smiles
Health Tip: Causes of Swollen Lymph Nodes
Swollen lymph nodes often occur after exposure to bacteria or viruses, says Mayo Clinic. Common triggers include: Strep throat ...
Medicine Net
What is the difference between veganism and vegetarianism?
Vegans and vegetarians choose not to eat meat. However, veganism is stricter and also prohibits dairy, eggs, honey, and any other ...
Medical News Today
Higher health insurance deductibles a sickening trend for Americans
One alternative to sky-high monthly health insurance premiums for many Americans is opting for a high-deductible plan instead. Those ...
CBS News
Yes, You Really Should Wear Shower Shoes in the Gym Locker Room
A lot of planning goes into a perfect gym bag unzip moment—you know, when you get into the locker room, open your bag, and discover ...
Bloated? These are the 7 signs you’re stuck in a 'fibre gap'
Most people who pride themselves on knowing their macros from their micros and their chia from their flax will go on about the importance ...
Body And Soul
Daily HIV prevention pill urged for healthy people at risk
Doctors should offer a daily HIV prevention pill to healthy people who are at high risk of getting infected with the virus, an influential ...
ABC News
Humans eat a credit card-size amount of plastic every week: study
Well, here's one way to cut down on personal debt. Humans are gobbling up around 5 grams of microplastics in their weekly diets — or ...
Fox News
Can Vitamin D Fight Rheumatoid Arthritis?
Maintaining sufficient vitamin D levels may help to prevent the onset of inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, research ...
Alternative Medicine
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What is the fastest growing hair on the human body?
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Eight Tips To Improve Your Sleep
Generally it's not wise to change your lifestyle based on the results of small studies with a handful of participants. However ...
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