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Feb 13, 2019
5 Things Great Leaders Do to Motivate Their Employees
Over the years, I have come to realize that the people I regarded as the best in their field were not just ones with an incredible amount of skill sets and work ethic. They had those attributes too of course, but there was something ...
We need to stop striving for work-life balance. Here’s why
Recently, I received a question from a contact on LinkedIn. She asked me whether I thought work-life balance was dead. My answer: I hope ...
Fast Company
How to Help Your Team Get More Creative
I applaud your efforts to demand creativity from your team. Creativity is essential to innovation, and innovative strategy is the ...
Strategy + Business
Are you the one running off your employees?
85% of employees leave due to conflict in the supervisor / employee relationship. Click here so you don't cause the next one.
Tydeman Dolen
Are they pulling in the same direction?
Often personalities can get in the way of effective communication, creating a roadblock for progress. We help with that!
Tydeman Dolen
Why Every Meeting Should Be Optional
"You say to make every meeting optional. That's provocative, but is it practical? How would that work? Does anyone do that?" In my research ...
How Do You Build a Software Company?
How do you build a software company? It's a trick question. There are certainly things you need to do and not do on the way to building ...
E-Commerce Times
Leaders Can Open Up to Their Teams Without Oversharing
In the age of social sharing, people who work together know more and more about each other. In general, this is a good thing for peers ...
Harvard Business Review
Choosing Between A Mobile App And A Website For Your Business
In recent years, we've seen a trend known as the "appification of the web" where businesses are focusing on creating a fully-fledged mobile ...
The Startup Magazine
Improve Your Public Speaking Skills in Just Two Hours, And for Less Than $10
When you think about it, public speaking is a lot like dying: everyone dreads the inevitable moment they have to do it themselves. Sure ...
7 Ways to Grow a Service-Based Business
Service-based businesses have their own ways of operating, and therefore their own unique methods for growth and development. Entrepreneurs ...
All Business
One Simple Thing Every Employee Wants From You. (It's Not Money.)
In a quest for expansion, growth and profit, it's easy for organizations to forget about the people whose talents they rely on. But failing ...
This is why you can’t seem to tackle your admin tasks list
I have a to-do-list secret: Most of the tasks on my list have been there for days, if not weeks. I'm a pro at dodging what I have to get ...
Fast Company
"I know a lot of highly-confidential company secrets, so my boss made me get a firewall installed."
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The American journalist Ida Tarbell is known for her expose of the corrupt practices of which giant company?
See the answer below.
How to Cultivate a Data-Inclusive Culture
In an increasingly digital world, data is a key asset for companies, allowing organizations to understand their own — and their consumers ...
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"It's not about ideas. It's about making ideas happen."
Scott Belsky, Behance co-founder
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The American journalist Ida Tarbell is known for her expose of the corrupt practices of which giant company?
Answer: Standard Oil
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