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Jun 20, 2018
How to Recharge Your Career In The Second Half Of Life
Researchers are predicting that scientific advances could have millennials living to 100 or longer; the standard 30- to 40-year career could be extended by a decade or two. Combine that with the speed of technological advances ...
Lessons All Founders Must Learn to Lead Successful Companies
Leadership is all about growth. If I were the exact same person today as I was when I co-founded Influence & Co., we might be in trouble ...
10 Growth Strategies From a Decade of Tech and Business Pioneers
The past decade of global business has been exciting, scary, and disruptive, to say the least. Tech startups rule the world. Uber and ...
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10 Reasons To Become A Member
Networking... Relationship... Reach... Discover ten reasons why membership in the Bluffton Chamber of Commerce will benefit you and your business.
Bluffton Chamber of Commerce
5 Things to know about owning a commercial property
If you are planning to buy a commercial property, it is important to seek guidance and due diligence from professional property realtors ...
The Startup Magazine
Reshaping the Software and Services Marketplace
In the old information technology world, systems integration and consulting companies flourished, helping enterprises of all sizes ...
E-Commerce Time
How to inspire your team when you’re feeling uninspired
You're prepping your team for an upcoming project and you know you need the best ideas on the table. But when you try to get up the motivation ...
Fast Company
Email Is Still Your Customers' Preferred Communication Tool
Gary Thuerk, often hailed as the "Father of Spam," sent the first email blast in 1978. Four decades later, despite billions of people using ...
Before Automating Your Company’s Processes, Find Ways to Improve Them
One of the most recent automation technologies to emerge is robotic process automation, or RPA. RPA is a category of software tools that ...
Harvard Business Review
Seven Tips for Managing Procrastinators
Studying procrastination used to be a terrific way to avoid doing things I was supposed to be doing. It hasn't been as much fun for me since ...
Strategy + Business
4 Pitfalls to Avoid When Choosing Tech for Your Business
Technology is often thought of as the antidote to business woes. Once you get the right tech in place, the thinking goes, you'll start doing whatever it ...
How can managers motivate their team to learn
Creating a future-ready workforce is about creating an employee based that is not just aware of the challenges of tomorrow, but one that is ...
People Matters
"I think that new guy might be a corporate spy. He likes his coffee shaken, not stirred!"
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What product used Bobby Darin's 1958 hit song "Splish Splash" in its commercials?
See the answer below.
Founder Shares What Drives Her To Help Women Around The World
Women have become disconnected from understanding, being in tune with or feeling empowered by why we get our periods and when we are most ...
What Year Was It?
U.S. Constitution Ratified
U.S. Constitution Ratified
New Hampshire becomes the ninth and last necessary state to ratify the Constitution of the United States, thereby making the document the law of the land.
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Quote of the Week
"An organization's ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage."
Jack Welch
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What product used Bobby Darin's 1958 hit song "Splish Splash" in its commercials?
Answer: Drano
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