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Shellie West
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Bluffton Chamber
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Mar 25, 2020
Tips for Working From Home in Uncertain Times
With companies sending workers home because of the coronavirus outbreak, some of you may find yourself working from home for the first time. For some of you this may be new and uncharted waters. My very first job was one where …
All Business
Making Mentorship a Team Effort
Over the past decade, we have mentored hundreds of doctors in training, and learned lessons that apply to many settings. Key among …
Harvard Business Review
Design an effective schedule during stressful times
Under normal circumstances, maintaining a schedule is a helpful tool to create a greater sense of calm and order. I've seen this …
Fast Company
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10 Reasons To Become A Member
Networking... Relationship... Reach... Discover ten reasons why membership in the Bluffton Chamber of Commerce will benefit you and your business.
Bluffton Chamber of Commerce
How Small Businesses Are Trying to Survive the Coronavirus Crisis
It's hardly business as usual: As the coronavirus spreads across the world, companies everywhere are doing their best to grapple …
The bright side of social distancing: Maintaining your happiness quotient
While there is an outpouring of do's and don'ts on how to manage and curtail the virus or how fast it's spreading into countries and …
People Matters
Preparing For Inflation: What Can We Do If The Misery Index Turns Up?
Unfortunately for investors, the shocks from the coronavirus are following the horror script of a vicious unwind of financial asset prices …
How Bad Times Bring Out the Best in People
It's easy to look around and see how the Covid-19 crisis has brought out the worst in some people — from hoarding thousands of bottles …
Harvard Business Review
A 10-Point Small-Business Survival Plan for Dealing With the Coronavirus
It's safe to say that this current crisis is like none other faced by small business owners in the recent past, and it's certainly …
This Is the #1 Productivity Hack You’re Not Using
These days everyone loves to talk about "productivity hacks," the simple habit changes, behaviors, or actions that can help you …
All Business
Maintain your mental health while working from home
For the past several years, remote work has been high on the list of coveted employee benefits. In fact, as Fast Company previously …
Fast Company
3 Blind Spots That Block Your Leadership
Whether you realize it or not, the way you see and perceive the world directly informs the actions you take in your small business …
"I underpay my employees, use unethical tax strategies and pollute the environment, but it's OK - I outsource my guilt to a firm overseas."
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On a hunting trip in the Alps in 1941, George de Mestral was intrigued by burdock burrs (seeds) that kept sticking to his clothes and his dog's fur. After subsequent observations and trials, what did he invent?
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How To Keep Your Employees Happy
Keeping your employees happy helps them be more productive. Besides this, there will be less conflict in everyone's …
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On a hunting trip in the Alps in 1941, George de Mestral was intrigued by burdock burrs (seeds) that kept sticking to his clothes and his dog's fur. After subsequent observations and trials, what did he invent?
Answer: Velcro
Bluffton Chamber of Commerce
Bluffton, SC
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