We create an exclusive email template for your review before you need to commit or provide a credit card for billing. Once the template meets with your approval, we will require a credit card for future billing.

You can then supply a list of email contacts who will begin receiving your exclusive email newsletter. The first charge against your credit card will begin during the first full month we send to your list.

We can send your email newsletter weekly, twice monthly, or once each month. The price is based on your email list size, not the email frequency.

If you prefer to send the newsletter yourself, we can provide you with the code. You should be able to place the code into any bulk email broadcast system and manage the email broadcast process yourself. We will continue to build your ads and update your broadcast code once each week. You can then decide if you wish to send the newsletter weekly, or monthly. The cost is a flat rate of $49.00 per month.

Email List Size Price/Month
Up to 500 $49.00/month
501 - 2000 $99.00/month
2001 - 3000 $124.00/month
3001 - 4000 $149.00/month
4001 - 5000 $174.00/month
5001 - 6000 $199.00/month
6001 - 7000 $224.00/month
7001 - 8000 $249.00/month
8001 - 9000 $274.00/month
9001 - 10000 $299.00/month

Over 10,000 add $25/month for each batch of up to 1000 additional email addresses.

Complete this form and we'll build an initial email template page for your review. There is no cost or obligation. Payment is only required once we start sending to your contact list.

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Please type the number above into the box. If you attempt to submit information and receive an error, you may need to refresh the page and insert the information again. If you continue to have a problem with this form, send an email to today@newsletterstation.com

After we build your Free Trial page, we'll send you a link for your review.
When you're ready you and activate your account, the one-time cost is only $9.00. We'll then start sending your custom email newsletter to your contact list.
After the first full month, if you're not 100% satisfied, we'll provide a full refund of your activation fee and your initial monthly cost. You risk nothing.
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