Partner Opportunities

Referral Program
Every active client at Newsletter Station can earn income by introducing our newsletter program to contacts, associates, friends, or anyone. To participate, we will place a registration form on the "Subscribe" page we build for you. The registration form uses tracking code to identify where the registration originated. Once the new user activates their account, and has paid their monthly fee for 4 full months, we apply a one-time credit of $100 to the monthly billing cost of the referral partner.

There is no limit to the number of referrals, or the credited value Newsletter Station clients can earn. The referral Program is only available to active Newsletter Station clients. If you are an active client at Newsletter Station, and wish to participate, let us know using the Contact Us form and we will activate the regiatration form on your "Subscribe" page.

Agency Program
If you operate an Agency, or help multiple customers with marketing or website support services, you may qualify to become a Newsletter Station Agent. As a Newsletter Station Agent you manage the billing and collection process for the email newsletter services provided to your customers by Newsletter Station. You can charge any fee you wish, or bundle the email newsletter program into other programs you may already offer.

Newsletter Station will complete the normal updates to the email newsletters built for your customers, manage their email lists, and manage the email broadcasting. Newsletter Station Agents are billed monthly based on the total number of emails for all customers combined. The billing rate is steeply discounted so Newsletter Station Agents can charge the same prices as Newsletter Station and generate a considerable return.

Group Discounts
Groups are businesses, franchises, associations, partnerships etc. that have at least 25 individual users. In these cases we provide a direct quarterly payment to the group organizer. To learn more contact us using the form on our Contact Us page.
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