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Sep 27, 2017
Which Life Insurance Policy Is Best for You?
Life insurance can play an important part in your long-term financial planning. It’s one of the simplest ways to protect your assets and transfer your wealth. More importantly, it supports the future financial well being ...
50 Ways to Save on Health Care
Even with good insurance from your employer, you're most likely paying a larger share of your medical expenses than in the past -- $11,600 for the average family in 2017, according to the Milliman Medical Index. A growing ...
Top 3 Health Insurance Options If You Retire Early
Voluntarily walking away from a productive career presents early retirees with a number of weighty considerations. One of the first: health insurance. Individuals who retire prior to age 65, when Medicare eligibility begins ...
The Differences Between Term and Whole Life Insurance
Buying life insurance now provides a financial safety net for your dependents later if you’re not around to take care of them. After ...
Nerd Wallet
Want to Become Wealthy? You'll Need to Master These 6 Fundamentals
The question in this article's headline is a no-brainer. Of course you want to be wealthy. Everyone wants to be wealthy. Even if your ...
How to Improve Your Credit Score Fast
It takes time and diligence to secure the highest of credit scores -- but that's not to say you can't dramatically improve your credit ...
Fox Business
Americans are making more money
According to new data from U.S. Census Bureau, Americans are making more money! Veuer's Natasha Abellard (@NatashaAbellard) has the ...
USA Today
Want to Be Debt-Free? Here’s How to Do It Quickly and Painlessly
How many of us are dreaming about paying off our debt? A 2017 study showed that nearly half of Americans carry $25,000 in debt and that ...
Investor Junkie
Steps To Ensure You're Earning What You're Worth
In 2014, a hacker group released confidential data including salary information obtained from film studio Sony Pictures. As a result ...
Hurricanes Irma and Harvey have racked up billions in damages. Who pays?
That's the big question, now that flood waters from Hurricanes Irma and Harvey have receded. Left behind is damage that Moody's Analytics ...
5 Money Conversations Couples Should Have Before Retirement
Retirement for you and your spouse is just a few years away. Maybe you're both eagerly awaiting the days when you no longer must commute ...
"In yet another political scandal, Freddie Mac has confessed to having an affair with Fannie Mae..."
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What do the letters represent in the over-the-counter stock market acronym NASDAQ?
See the answer below.
Money Rules for Newlyweds
If you’ve recently tied the knot or will be soon, it’s no longer just you. You are combining your life with your spouse's—including finances ...
What Year Was It?
Central High School Integrated
Central High School Integrated
Under escort from the U.S. Army's 101st Airborne Division, nine black students enter all-white Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas.
The day was Sep 25. What year was it?
Quote of the Week
"You can't have a million-dollar dream with a minimum-wage work ethic."
Stephen C. Hogan
Trivia Answer
What do the letters represent in the over-the-counter stock market acronym NASDAQ?
Answer: National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations
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